Monday, January 02, 2006

37 Reasons for Having a Shoes-Off Policy in Your Home

37 Reasons for having a shoes-off policy in your home:

1. Carpets are not easy to clean.
2. Carpets absorb dust and become breeding grounds for dust mites, causing the development of asthma and allergies.
3. If you do not have a carpet, the dust will not be absorbed and you are likely to breathe it in.
4. Shoes can leave marks on wood, PVC and marble floors.
5. Shoes can scratch wood flooring, especially if they have high heels.
6. Boots and high heeled shoes can cause wear and tear to carpets.
7. That goes for rugs as well.
8. Shoes pick up small particles of grit that cause wear and tear to carpets.
9. Shoes pick up traces of petrol fumes and industrial pollution.
10. Shoes can pick up pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals.
11. Shoes pick up traces of animal excrement.
12. Ever noticed how much chewing gum there is stuck to the streets?
13. In a square mile, there are more insects than people on the planet. How many do you think you have squashed on your shoes?
14. If you have a crawling baby, do you want him or her to be exposed to the dirt from people's shoes?
15. In rain or snow, you are less likely to get the floor wet.
16. If you live near a beach, you will bring less sand into the house.
17. If you have a crawling baby, you will do less damage if you accidently step on him or her.
18. If you get mad and kick the cat or dog, you will do less damage (apologies to animal lovers).
19. If your children play rough, they will do less damage.
20. It creates a less formal atmosphere.
21. It creates a greater sense of relaxation.
22. Your guests will become more like you by removing their shoes and will feel part of the family.
23. An oriental, Scandinavian or East European visitor will feel more at home.
24. It teaches children the importance of respecting and looking after things.
25. Psycologically, removing your shoes helps you to enter a frame of mind where you keep your everyday troubles outside your home.
26. It is more comfortable.
27. It is healthier for you feet to take your shoes off during the day.
28. Small children with growing feet should wear shoes only to the minimum.
29. If you wear high-heeled shoes, your feet badly need a break.
30. You can put your feet up on the sofa without taking your shoes off first (Dont tell me you put your feet on the sofa with shoes on?).
31. You can put your feet up on the coffee table without taking your shoes off first.
32. If you ever visit Japan, it will seem less weird.
33. If you are ever arrested and they confiscate your shoes, along with your belt and jewellery, it will seem less weird.
34. Your feet smell less if you do not wear them all day.
35. When you lovingly chastise your children, you will have a slipper to hand.
36. It was a Biblical custom (come on, did they wash their feet with shoes on?)
37. Do you really think the Saints in Glory are going to trample the sparkling, clean New Jerusalem with shoes on?


Rose~ said...

I think you need to audition for a stand-in on this television show.

(this is one of my favorites on the TV)

Consecrated said...

We leave our boots at the door in Quebec (slush, salt and the rest of it). It is quite customary to do that especially in winter. You don't want to offend so you are expected to bring a pair of clean slippers or clean shoes to wear inside the house when you visit.

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Rose, I am afraid I have never seen that programme. I do not watch a lot of T.V.

Consecrated, you tell that Yank! You Canadians are so sensible.

God bless you both


Consecrated said...

Thank you on your kind comment.

H K Flynn said...

I only got to #2, and I can't stand it! I'm too guilty; our carpets have grey pathways!

I love Rose's TV link! I hardly watch any TV but that is a great show!

A show I don't like is that English show about the lady Pastor! My parents like it though so I've seen it a few times.

I've wondered if it was based on 'Adrian Plass's Diary', even slightly. A friend from England lent me that book and I did like it. Is that going back too far into your childhood?

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Thanks for visiting.

I hate that programme too. The apostate Church of England seems to approve of it though.

I have not read Adrian Plass' diary. A guy whose theology is less conservative than mine though it was unedifying.

God Bless


Ray said...

Hey Matthew -- Just happened to notice the new blog... LOL and it's great to visit after a long, hard day of wading through the Theological clutter.

A place where I can leave my theological shoes at the door, and relax with friends!

BTW, I lived in Japan for 4 years and we would NEVER have considered wearing our shoes inside the house. Plus, my wife is from Hawaii (Filipina), and was raised in an environment where no shoes were worn inside...

Alas, I have gotten out of the habit in the last few years (living in Texas)....

I will stop by periodically....

girlygirl said...

wow...are you serious? you're like...obscessed! HA HA HA HA HA!!!!! so hilarious!!! *my friends do a shoes off thing...but not for the reasons you put up...they just prefer no shoes! ha ha*

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Ray, thanks a lot for visiting.

With your Filipina wife, it sounds like you have every reason for a change of policy. I think its time you taught those Texans some oriental manners.

Girlygirl, thabnkyou for visiting. You think I am obsessed? Well, I think there are very good reason s for not wearing shoes indoors, as you will see from the posts here.

God bless you both