Monday, January 02, 2006

My Agenda for This Blog

The purpose of this blog is to make the case for the Shoes-off policy. That is removing one's shoes at the door of one's home and also requiring family and visitors to remove their shoes. It is my view that this policy is very sensible. It is better for health reasons, for keeping one's home clean and creating a positive home atmosphere.

The Shoes-off rule is common to many countries. However, it is not favoured in Britain and much of the USA. It is my view that this needs to change and this blog is dedicated to promoting this cause.

Now I dare say that some people will consider this issue to be rather trivial. Well, they are entitled to that opinion. I have discussed many important issues in my worldview blog and have explored Biblical eschatology in my Bible prophecy blog. I have been involved in very interesting online debates in the blogsphere on Free Grace Theology, Calvinism and Ecclesiology. Yes, I could spend all my blogging time talking about really fundamentally important issues, but would it make a difference to the world? Am I more likely to persuade the British government to ban abortion or a few families to remove their shoes at the door? Am I going to make a difference to the world by dealing with the small issues or the big issues?

You might say that as a Christian I should be blogging about God's Word; pointing people to the Scriptures and their need for salvation. I sure do that when I go out doing street evangelism and I discuss theological issues in my other blogs. However, I believe that cleanliness is next to godliness, and I am going to take a stand on this issue.

There are plenty of blogs out there to tell everyone that the world was made in six days and that Socialism is contrary to Biblical principles, but somebody needs to make a case that shoes should not go past the hallway.

Many of the posts in this blog will have been posted first in my worldview blog.


John Rush said...

I can see that you are seeking to take the world in a dangerous direction with this blog.

Shoes off at the door will cause all kinds of social evils.

Consider me your arch enemy.

Now...Where were my shoes?

I will fight you tooth and nail, hammer and tong.

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Wow, controversy.

I am starting to feel like Antonio-

Thanks for visiting, John.

Rose~ said...

The doctor is waiting. No go and re-arrange the cereal boxes in alphabetical order or something!

Kc said...

I think everyone needs a hobby. There are people who rally around other causes less noble I'm sure. Have you considered organizing? Perhaps an acronym; "PREFER", "People Requireing Every Footware Ever Removed". Of course a slogan is in order; "Everybody's cuttin foot loose".

Okay, I'll keep my day job. ;-)

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

KC, thanks for the suggestion, but it is not very specific.

Rose, even you might be surprised. I actually visit my favorite blogs in a particular order, the same order each time.

God Bless


Rose~ said...

I am not surprised!!

Anonymous said...

Hello - I note you posted back in 2006, I hope you are still watching comments on this site...

First, many thanks for your thoughts on shoe free households. An entertaining read.

Second, please advise the name of the picture you use at the head of your blog.



PS shoes left at the "front door"

Matthew Celestis said...

Zeddy, thanks for visiting. I hope you read some of the more recent posts.

The picture is 'The Golden Stairs' by Edward Burne-Jones.