Monday, January 16, 2006

No Correlation

Internet discussions would seem to indicate that within western societies where the Shoes-Off Rule is not the norm, there is no correlation between people who insist on shoes-off in their homes and people who like to remove their shoes because they are more comfortable without them.

There are even people who love to go about barefoot both inside and outside, who find it objectionable to be asked to remove their shoes at the door of a home. That seems quite bizarre.

I suppose the sort of people who like to take their shoes off at every oportunity are people who are quite light-hearted. At a risk of generalizing, I would suggest that they are not the sort of people who worry a lot about cleanliness.

My advice to such people would be that not everybody is as chilled-out as they are. They need to realise that other people need a bit of coaxing before they can relax and kick their shoes-off. If the comfort shoe-removers adopted a shoes-off policy in their homes, they would be able to share their light-heartedness with their visitors.


Dorothy said...

The real reason i don't like taking my shoes off is my feet hurt really bad when not supported on the bottoms for long periods of time. I do love to wear sandals when it gets warm even though they dont have much support on the bottoms. It usually takes me a few weeks to get use to them again.

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Taking your shoes off regularly is healthier for your feet.

If you are uncomfortable without shoes inside, wear slippers.

God Bless