Monday, January 09, 2006

Should One Provide Slippers for Guests?

In some Eastern European and Asian countries, guests change from their shoes into slippers provided by the host.

Some argue that if you intend to have a shoes-off policy in your home, you should keep some slippers for guests to wear. This will make them feel more comfortable and prevent embarassments such as foot odour and holes in socks.

This is a fairly good idea, but I am not so sure. If slippers are provided, then they must either be disposable plastic slippers or else slippers that can go in the washing machine. It would be quite unreasonable to expect guests to wear slippers that have been worn by somebody else that day. I am not sure whether most slippers are machine washable. Soem guests might not even trust you that they really have been cleaned and may prefer to stay in bare or stocking feet.

I think the practise of providing guest slippers might be just a bit too weird for British. Many British people will have been to a house where shoes-off was required, but not many people will have been offered guest slippers to wear, unless it was in another country. I think a lot of English guests would prefer to go shoe-less, rather than wear slippers that are not their own.

I think it is a good idea to buy slippers for family and regular visitors and keep them at your house. These should be worn only by the person they are provided for. Hopefully, one's family and close friends would be delighted by this consideration.

Providing clean socks is a different matter. I would suggest keeping a supply of clean socks in different sizes by the door for guests who are not comfortable going barefoot.

I think it is very sensible to let visitors know in advance that one has a shoes-off rule in one's home. That way, they can be sure to wear socks without holes or bring their own slippers if they prefer.


Redeemed said...

As you already know, because of bad weather here in Montreal, I know of a few homes that keep slippers in the house for guests. But also, many people choose to just walk around with their socks.

Slippers is a rule that our Pastor enforces in our church nursery. For sanitary reasons, he does not want any women working in the nursery to walk around with their shoes, so we provide slippers at the door (or you can just bring your own pair). There have never been any objections.

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Thanks for visiting, Redeemed. Yes, it is quite sensible, but I think English people would find borrowing slippers a bit weird.

Shoes-off in nurseries is very sensible for hygeine reasons. A few nurseries in Britian have thsi rule, but not many. I worked as an administrator in the office of a daycare nursery at one time. That palce had a rather dirty carpet.

Every Blessing in Christ


Rose~ said...

That is good. I like slippers. I think it should become a world-wide law.

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Are you agreeing with me, Rose~?

God Bless


Rose~ said...

What do you think? Do you hear any sarcasm in my "voice" or have you converted me?

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

I am sorry, I cannot understand your American accent. Its not easy on the ear.

Rose~ said...

Well then, slippers it is.

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

May the Lord bless you, Rose~, whatever you think.