Monday, January 23, 2006

Social Customs in Taiwan

Social Customs in Taiwan

Removing shoes in home is custoamry in Taiwan.


Ray said...

Matthew -- Having lived in Asia for 5 years, and then another 8 in Hawaii, I can speak from an American's viewpoint on living there, and this custom.

1. Notice that the host had slippers available right at the door, in other words, they were equipped to ask people, (although no one would actually ASK), to remove their shoes.

2. The floors in some homes, (primarily, in my experience, in Korea), are HEATED, a wondeful thing! Making the shedding of shoes a little less of a shock to the system.

3. The removal of shoes and also the type of furniture, (I lived primarily in Japan), low to the floor, with everyone sitting on mats around the table, lends to an intimacy and friendly atmosphere. Some of my fondest memories are of sitting around a heated(!) table, while the air outside was brisk, drinking hot tea and enjoying great times with my friends.

4. Finally, The removal of shoes, along with a SEPERATE set of slippers for any bathroom ventures, made the home feel very clean. Also, we had tatami mats in two of our rooms, not carpeting (which I am not crazy about either).

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

I want to live in an Asian country!

I am hoping ot emigrate to the USA. Maybe Hawaii is the palce to go.

In Britain, most people have soft carpets. Removing shoes ought to be an easy thing to do, but most people do not. Hence, these soft carpets are always filthy.

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