Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Outside in her Slippers?

I saw a woman today taking out her garbage in her slippers.

It may be that she was wearing a designated pair of outdoor slippers, as I do when I take out the garbage (my official chore in my parents' house), but it is more likely that she, like so many people was outside in indoor slippers.

Bad idea. The point of wearing slippers, besides comfort (there are some other kinds of shoes that are just as comfortable), is to keep the home cleaner. Going outside in slippers just defeats the object.

I used to wear a previous pair of slippers outside. Not only did it bring dirt in, but the soles wore out really quickly. That pair of slippers did not last long.

When I get my own home, I will have a pair of flip flops or old slippers at both the front and back door, ready for quick trips outside. Currently, I keep an old pair of slippers by the back door. However, my parents woudl never tolerate my leaving footwear by the front door. When my mother arrives with shopping, she expects me to rush out immediately in my slippers to help her. I cannot even remember what I do in summer when I am barefoot indoors. Probably rush for the nearest pair of shoes. Oh, well, it is her floor and she can dirty it if she wants. I just hope the dirt comes off my slippers before I reach my bedroom.


Candy Minx said...

Hello, what a charming topic for a blog. I have enjoyed reading your ideas even though I am a shoe in house person, sorry!

I am a clean freak so I couldn't bear to live with carpets, especially wall to wall carpets that are a craze-turned-mainstay of American homes. Dust, crumbs filth resides in carpets and no amount of shaking or vaccuuming really gets them clean. Don't even start with wall to wall, ugh I cringe! I like to live with hardwood and marble floors.

I also love clothes and dressing cool and beautiful which often includes a dress with high heels. Should a lady really be asked to take her shoes off? When I think I might be going to someones house who wants outside shoes off, then I carry my heels in a delightful velvet shoe bag. And my date waers a suit. Can you really ask a man in a suit to take off his shoes?

EVer since the 70's modern homes have these mite infested carpets and the chic way of fashion and sexy attire and slick conversation about the existence of angels and immigrants has gone the way of the handkerchief.

I am an artist and a cook.I work at home. It would be very dangerous for me to be cooking in slippers and drop a Global knife. Accidents do happen and they happen more in the home than anywhere else. I often have a hammer and tools in my hands as I am building sculpture or a book shelf or stretcher for canvas. slippers are all very well and fine for couch potatoes but an active vibrant person with a pulse needs shoes.

I really enjoy your blog and please don't be too sad that we disagree. i envy you your leisure time but for me life is short and I love to be creative and use my imagination.

I've even heard of woemn being asked to wear their high heels to bed!

Love and peace
god bless you,

Rose~ said...

Candy has a good point about dropping knives.

Redeemed said...

Outside in sliippers? I sure hope she removed those at the door.

Defeats the purpose of wearing slippers in the home.

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Candy Minx, thankyou very much for your visit.

Yes, carpets do have their drawbacks, but they do improve air circulation, which is a health benefit.

If you have hardwood floors, your high heels could do some dreadful things.

I would not want you to wear you heels in my home. You can show them off when you arrive and then they will look very nice sitting by the door. I am sure they would outdo the shoes of everybody else that have been left there.

I would have let you know my preference when I invited you, so you could choose your outfit with the knowledge that you would be in slippers, stockings or barefeet.

A gentleman can combine his suit with a respectable pair of slippers.

With regrad to cooking, I have never dropped a knife before. If you did drop it on your feet in shoes, it could still do damage.

As for scupture, wear a pair of designated indoor shoes when you are at work and take them off when you have finished.

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Sarah, you wear slippers at home. Have you ever dropped a knife on your foot?

As I said, you could still hurt yourself if did thatyou wearing shoes.

Candy Minx said...

Really, I think this is one of the best most charming blogs I have come across.

so forgive me my new thoughts to add here.

Well, I cook a lot, so the ratio of knife drops is going to be higher than other cooks. But you're right I don't drop it often, hee hee.

Shoes are rough on floors when they have not had proper upkeep, the shoes that is, they need to have repairs on the soles and heels with fresh rubber grips. Many people do not take good care of their shoes.

I abhor vaccuums. Yuck, I am much like a Mennonite or Amish where I like to choose carefully the machines I allwo in my house. I like to minimize the amounts of products and equipment I buy and keep at home. I don't believe in vaccuums, dishwashers or microwaves especially.

I think you have brought to attention a valuable fact. Our shoes are tracking in pollutants and grime and spit and industrial waste.

I ask, why do we always take the average person to task to protect their share of environmental damage and yet...not even a whimper towards the companies and corporate industries that produce these harsh elements in our air that drops to our sidewalks?

In Torotno Canada we have hot smog ridden summers and we always get these requests to not paint our houses or turn on air conditioners during a heat wave because it contributes to airs poor quality. I always laugh because why don't we enforce the factories to stop their pollution and their treatement of the earth?

Dear dear Dyspraxic Fundamentalist, I beg you to carry on your public service of alerting people to the harmful air and toxins but please could you also turn your energy to the corporations and industrial leaders that shrug at environmental concerns and continue to pay fines so they can doo doo all over gods creation?

Isn't the most beautiful home our dear planet that god created for us? Why not turn your shame of mess and dirt in your home into a crusade for our big home. We so ungratefully drop doo doo into our very nest and it is not our place or right or business to be so rude in Gods house.

Corporations, industries, factories and totalitarian agriculture practices are wearing their shoes in the Lords house.

Why don't we clean up Gods house by laying aside our egos and conceits and show the ultimate respect to the Creator? Wouldn't that be a true service and sacrifice to clean Gods house before our own houses?

I beg you to prioritize your lovely energy D.F.

God bless
and love and peace,

Candy Minx said...

Please excuse my typos and spelling mistakes I have a tripped up typing style combined with dyslexia, oops sorry.

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Candy Minx, I am glad you find this blog charming.

I am afraid I disagree with your views on pollution and corporations.

Pollution is not the problem it used to be.

Air quality today is better than it was fifty years ago and is far, far better than it was a century ago.

Pollution is an inevitable part of industrialization. However, newer technology and increased efficency have ensured that it declines over the years, rather than increases.

That is not to say that corporations cannot be more efficent, however, many corporations are at the forefront of introducing new and more environmentally friendly technology.

Candy Minx said...

Absolutely corporations are at the forefront of new environmental policies, because we made them...not because they are all touchy feely. It is true that some pollution factors have been improved, very obvious with London "fog" as an example.
I am afraid you are either hopeful or misinformed on the state of all countries, which we are all a family ultimately.

I do appreciate your optomistic attitude so it makes me sad to inform you of a couple aspects that are damaging Gods home.

Environment does not need to balance economy. Population is growing constantly right now needing more space, air energy water etc. At this rate of growth we will not be able to support the growing population ina few years.

Mercury, hormones, pesticides, fire retardant chemicals detergents are still increasing with population demands.

Soil damage has not been rectified(salt chemicals overuse in totalitarian farming) and other food sources like wild food is being dirtied and used up.

These are just facts off the top of my head. It is very easy to verify these events, they are not hogwash, but very real and imminent.

I believe you are the person to get people to notice I admire your desire for cleanliness.

You would be a hero if you cleaned up Gods home.

I do not believe pollution is an inevitable part of industrialization. I don't even believe that industrialization is "all that". It's over rated.

We can make food and clothes and shelter without damaging all systems of life here on earth. With love of each other, some humour what exactly else do we humans need? Clothing shelter water, love. Thats on advice from Jesus.

Sorry to give you bad news, look it up if you don't believe me,

hugs and kisses,

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Candy Minx, the evidence is far from as one-side as you claim. There are many factors involved. Nevertheless, the media generally like to give us the bad news, as that tends to sell more papers.

In most western countries, the population is declining rather than accelerating.

You really do not need me to champion your cause. There are hundreds of blogs and websites that see things as you do and many people already share your opinions.

Candy Minx said...

We should put some money on it! hee hee If the cleanliness of the environment doesn't need monitoring, like you say, then now I am not going to worry about taking off my shoes. See you just talked me out of worrying about my shoes, you said the world is just fine out there. Thanks I love you!

Really, most people feel the way you do and I guess time will tell. and it probably won't be that long. anyways really enjoyed this site.


Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

I did not say the environment does not need monitoring or that pollution is not a problem.

Pollution is real, but it is not a grave threat to mankind.

Redeemed said...

This conversation is really interesting.

And no, I have never dropped a knife on my foot. Oh my precious, that would hurt!! I certainly hope that has never or will never happen to candy mix, as she is much more likely to be caught in such a situation due to her occupation.

I cook simple meals and I absolutely detest knives. Candy mix is brave to work with all those big knives, I don't even want them in my house. I am very clumsy and the chances of getting hurt with one of those are very high!!!

May I just add that I love my big red slippers. I even took a picture.

I'm a heels to church and slippers for home person!

The IBEX Scribe said...

I'm pretty much a heels never person. I have one pair of shoes with a one-inch heel and I think the rest of my shoes are flat. One pair is a low platform. I used to wear heels, but they put so much pressure on my feet that my right big toenail got infected, died at the base of the nail and then came off. It hurt a lot and looked really ugly until the new nail grew in fully. Since then I wear heels only when I have to, except for that one pair with the low heel. I am happy with my height, so why bother with the heels?

Redeemed said...

Loooooooooool, you are too funny, Angie. First the teeth, then the toe, poor you! You are a survivour.

I wear nice flats for work because you are right, it puts a lot of pressure on your feet and also on your back. But I like to dress up for church, a girlie thing I guess, so I wear my heels. As far as height, heels go well for me as I am only 5'2.

It is so hard for me to reach for my kitchen cabinets, it can be quite a challenge. So I have a little stool that I get on with my slippers and reach for stuff. I have head many tupperwear falling on my head though.

But this is a bit off topic. Maybe all those tupperwear falling on my head caused some damage!

The IBEX Scribe said...

"But I like to dress up for church, a girlie thing I guess, so I wear my heels." Matthew also likes to get dressed up for church, right? It's not just a girly thing. A cute pair of Mary Janes look good with skirts and dresses, I think.

Candy Minx said...

Absolutely mary janes look good with a dress. I like all kinds of heels on shoes. High heels aren't about changing the height of someone, the reason for their beauty and style is because they provide an altered amplified appearance of the leg. The muscles in the calf go taut. Many people find high heels attractive because they work on a visual artistic primal level.

The angle of the heel shows off the muscles and it also emulates the leg in orgasm...so this has long been an attractive primal natural fashion feature. Most shoes work on this kind of visual effect, even pumps at 1 inch.

I like different shoes for different things, running, dancing, church, temple, and work. It is fun to mix it up.

D.F. pollution may not be of grave danger to the earth and human life. But that was the most minor environmental challenge I mentioned in my posts. The articles you link in your blog mention several environmental issues as a reason to take shoes off in the house.

If pollution and these factors are not of a grave danger as you say...then I'm going to keep my shoes on.

Great conversation guys, thanks!


Mac said...

I should clarify: By sickness I meant your compulsion to have people remove their shoes. I was not making fun of your dyspraxia.

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Mac, no, I do not have any kind of sickness.

If you think I am sick, then you must also think the entire population of Japan is sick, not to mention China, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Thailand and so many other countries.

Those who insist on wearing shoes in their homes and other peoples seem to be the one's who have some sort of 'issue.'