Friday, July 07, 2006

This Week's NATIONAL ETIQUETTE AWARD goes to.... North Korea!

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World Factbook- North Korea

Democratic Republic of North Korea- government site

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I hereby grant North Korea the National Etiquett Award, as it is customary in that country to remove shoes in homes. Or at least, I am guessing that is the case, with it being a Korean custom. North Korea is one very secretive place and most people outside the country know little of what life is like for North Koreans. If I was to visit North Korea, I would probably not be able to visit the homes of any North Koreans to find out if they removed their shoes. And I would probably be given a government minder to make sure I did not go talking to any North Koreans about forbidden subjects.

North Korea has been in all the headlines this week with the firing of those missiles. It seems a dumb thing to do, but it is a very volatile region of the world. I do hope there is not going to be an East Asian war in the event of my going to Japan as a missionary.

North Korea is a terrifying place. Angie expressed her horror at the regime in Turkmenistan, but they are amateurs next to the repression and totalitarianism of North Korea. Stalinism never came to an end in this place.

To make matters worse, the county has suffered from famine in recent years.

Christian activity is strictly prohibited with dire consequences for believers.

You hear Christians in the West say some silly things about persecution. You often hear the glib comment that 'persecution makes the church grow.' Well, there seems little evidence of spectacular church growth in North Korea despite the worst persecution on earth. I am sure there are some very brave Christians who share their faith as best they can in that nightmare regime, but let us rejoice in the freedom of the West and rejoice in the huge church growth of its free neigbour, South Korea.

Some Christians say that all believers will show spectacular courage in the face of persecution. Well, if they only lived in North Korea, they might be able to be sure of that. I am not so sure I would show much courage in the face of torture and slave labour camps.

For me information about the suffering church worldwide, please visit:

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The IBEX Scribe said...

Good post, Matt. Sounds like a terrible place to live. I hope that there is no war in East Asia, but even if there is God can protect you in the midst of it if that is where He puts you.

Redeemed said...

It's great that they remove their shoes at the door, however, North Korea is a real threat. I would be terrified to go work in North Korea as a missionary.

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Angie, thanks and thanks for reminding me of the Lord's faithfulness.

Sarah, they do not allow missionaries into North Korea anyway, so you probably would not be called there unless there is a change of government some time.

Every Blessing in Christ


Redeemed said...

You can't be a missionary to China or to Saudi Arabia either, yet I know people who are. Their stories are incredible. What is incredible is how the Lord protects them and gives them of the fruit of their labour. Quite amazing.

Palm boy said...

They probably take their shoes off, if they can afford them. But I'm pretty sure they don't do it just coming over for dinner.

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

PB, Koreans in South Korea and the USA always remove their shoes, regardless of how long they are visiting someone. They sit on the floor more than Westerners, so naturally they want to keep it very clean.

Sarah, it would probably be easier to go to Saudi Arabia, as foreign workers are welcome there. But in North Korea, foreigners are monitored all the time.

Every Blessing in Christ