Thursday, August 31, 2006

This Week's NATIONAL ETIQUETTE AWARD goes to... Azerbaijan!

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This week's National Etiquette Award goes to Azerbaijan, as it is cutomary there to remove shoes when entering homes.

Not all of these etiquette posts are easy to write like Sweden and Turkey. I must admit I do not actually know that much about Azerbaijan.

Let me go through what I know without consulting Wikipedia. It is a former Soviet republic. It is a Muslim country. It's people speak a Turkic language. It had a nasty war with Armenia some years ago. It has oil. Radio plays a vital role in spreading the Gospel in that country. And of course people there remove their shoes in homes.

I remember when I was 13 I used to read a magazine called 'Combat and Survival' (I had a fascination with military stuff back then). There was an article in one issue about the war between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

The site meter indicates that we have been privileged to have been visited by at least on visitor from Azerbaijan. This blog welcomes this person if he or she is reading it now. Perhaps if this person is here, he or she might like to share something about their country. Such a comment would be very welcome.

May God bless Azerbaijan and save sinners there!


Anonymous said...

Making visitors feel uncomfortable by whatever means is simply rude.

Redeemed said...
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Redeemed said...

I know absolutely nothing about Azerbaijan, other than its location on the map. I don't think I even knew how to spell Azerbaijan!
But it is great to learn about new countries.

The IBEX Scribe said...

My 10th grade world history teacher used to mention Azerbaijan from time to time. I have no idea why.

If visitors feel that strongly about leaving their shoes on, they can leave them on, but it is kind of rude to insist on keeping your shoes on if they prefer that you take them off - it disrespects your host.

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Anonymous, thanks for visiting.

I would suggest that most people would not feel uncomfortable about removing their shoes. If they are informed in advance about a shoes-off rule, they can bring some slippers.

As this blog has shown, those people who object to removing their shoes are going to have to get used to the fact that removing shoes at the door is customary in an awful lot of countries.

Sarah, yes it is good to get a wider look at the world. It is easy to forget how big the world is.

Angie, I wonder why he was so interested in Azerbaijan. Maybe he just wanted to seem very clever.

God Bless


Missy said...

Don't know if anyone still reads this blog but I now live in Azerbaijan and yes indeed you do take your shoes off at the door. As I am an American and most of my friends also are, we simply ask each other if you want the shoes removed. Most times you will hear it doesn't matter. It is hard to get used to esp. if you always walked on carpet and now have hardwood floors. It is very hard on the feet. I have found that i MUST wear shoes or i can barely walk at times. When workmen come to our house, they will put footies on over their shoes (like doctors wear for surgery) so they don't get the floor dirty. This is a great option for those of us who need good support (sneakers) but want to be polite :).

Celestial Fundie said...

Thanks for your comment, Missy.