Saturday, October 28, 2006


I saw a young woman being arrested in Worcester today, presumably for shoplifting. Naughty girl. She was led out of Debenhams in handcuffs and put into a police van.

Earlier this week, the supermodel, Naomi Campbell was arrested for an alleged assualt. She seems to have this habit of getting into a lot of hot water.

If you are ever arrested in the United Kingdom, you will probably be required to take your shoes off at the police station. Your shoes will either be confiscated at the custody desk or else you will be required to leave them outside the cell.

I suppose the main reason for this is to stop detainees hanging themselves with their shoelaces. But I dare say there are other reasons. After all, in some police stations, they just take your shoe-laces. I suppose they worry about prisonners using their shoes as a weapon (ladies high heels could be lethal) or even just kicking the door of the cell and making a racket. Maybe they also worry about getting their clean cells dirty.

You may not have to take your shoes off when visiting most British homes, but if you are a guest at a police station over here, you are expected to be polite!


Redeemed said...

Inmates in Canada (and most likely in the U.S.) are required to remove their shoes too. I think they are given slippers instead.

missmellifluous said...

I wonder if the woman was stealing shoes...if so, they should definately be taken off her when she reaches prison.

The British police really are very hospitable. How lovely to be given slippers on arrival! Our Aussie police are no where near as accomodating, or so I've heard.

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Thanks for visiting, MissMelifluous.

I know that is case with Canada. I think the practice varies in the USA. Some just take shoe-laces. Some provide slippers.

Here in the UK, providing slippers is becoming more common, but it is not universal. In some police stations they just take shoe-laces and let them keep shoes.

God Bless