Saturday, November 11, 2006

Climbing on Seats


At my church, there are a lot of children who like to clamber on the seats; climbing them, jumping on them or just putting their feet up on them.

Some parents are careful enougth to ensure that their children remove their shoes before doing this. However, some parents allow their children to climb on top of the seats with their shoes on. This is very anti-social.

It is not nice to sit on a seat where some child's dirty shoes have been. If you have children and attend church or any other kind of public meeting, please ensure they remove their shoes before climbing and jumping on the seats.


Richyrich said...

I was actually travelling on a train the other week and I noticed that the fine for putting feet on seats was actually twice as much as it was for smoking in the carriages. I wonder if the train companies would take a more lenient view if someone put their feet on the seats but took their shoes off when they did so.

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

I suppose it varies between train companies, but I doubt you would get fined if you took your shoes off.

You do see people taking their shoes off and putting theit feet up sometimes.

God Bless