Sunday, December 03, 2006

Not Typical

I watched a movie after a dinner party at some friends' house. It was a romantic comedy entitled 'Hitch', starring Wil Smith.

I was surprised to notice several characters in the film removing their shoes before entering a luxury yacht. While people in films do remove their shoes, it is almost always because their feet hurt. People in films are normally oblivious to the destructive effects of shoes on floors.


Richyrich said...

Well funnily enough I came across a clip the other day when doing a search on the subject of this blog and it was a short film that was actually called "Shoes Off". In it there was a man who went to a housewarming party. As soon as he entered the house he sees a pile of shoes and a sign saying "Shoes Off" beside them. The hostess then tells him "I know it's a nuisance but we have carpets throughout". The guest then takes off his shoes and goes through to the lounge and all the other guests are standing there chatting in their stockiged feet. The clip is only some 12 minues long and the scene of the party is about 6 miniyes into it, so you can fast forward to there if you like. The link to it is

When you click to start the video there is an advert first but that doesn't last long. After that has finished the clip itself starts and you can then fast forward if you want.

I don't know if the film had been shown anywhere else except on the internet but it is one example of a movie where people remove their shoes to protect their floors. Shame that there aren't more well known films and tv dramas that promote this custom.

Richyrich said...

Apparetnly this film won awards for the best short film noth in Canada and in the Cannes Film Festival back in 1999.

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

I did read something about that film on the internet.

It seems that the media prefer to ridicule people who prefer shoes-off, as seen in the 'Sex in the City' episode I referred to in a previous post.

Even the Shania Twain (did I spell that right?) song where she sings "You make me take off my shoes before you let me get in (his car)". Well, the guy probably paid very good money for his flashy car, so I think he was being quite reasonable.

God Bless


Richyrich said...

the guy probably paid very good money for his flashy car, so I think he was being quite reasonable

So are you in favour of extending shoes off policies to passangers in cars too?

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Not in my old Rover Metro!

But maybe if I owned a sports car of some sort...