Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A Positive Gesture

We had some business people visit the house today. They offered to remove their shoes. Typically, my culturally backward father declined the offer. A shame. The lady's high heeled shoes made such an awful noise on our marble hallway.

Still, it is a postive gesture. Their offer suggests that a lot of homes they visit prefer shoes-off.


richyrich said...

It is really encouraging when you hear of people offering to take off their shoes of their own accord when visiting other people's homes. Maybe it is becoming more common in our society, which would bode well for the future.

Just as a matter of interest, were these people who visited your family English? (it's just that people from abroad are often more likely to believe in shoeless houses than ones from the U.K.)Also about how old were they? The reason I'm asking that is that younger people are more likely to go for shoe free households than older ones, which is again a hopeful sign for the future)

As I previously said my cleaning lady also removed her shoes as soon as she came to my house when she first visited me (that proved a clincher in her getting the contract) but at least she saw me in my socks and my shoes by the door before she did that. To offer to do it without any kind of prompting is even better!

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

They were English, a man and a woman. No older than forty. The lady might have been in her late twenties.

The gentleman made the offer. I do not know if the lady would have offered if she had been on her own.