Sunday, April 08, 2007

This Weekend

I had a walk about the neighbourhood. I saw a house which had lots of shoes in their porch. They had a sign that might have requested shoes-off, but I could not tell without walking up the drive, which I would have been too embarassed to do. They had a taxi in the drive, indicating that they were probably Pakistani. There are a lot of Pakistanis in the neighbourhood, so I dare say quite a number of homes pracice shoes off at the door.

I was talking to a man at my church. He said he always wore slippers at home and his wife would never permit him to keep his shoes on. He did not make it clear how strict they were about guests, but it seems quite a number of visitors to his house removed their shoes.

I am so glad I have this blog. It was so hard before I had any means of expressing my firm views on this issue. I mean, I would bore people to tears if I tried to have conversations with people about this. That is the wonderful thing about the blogging revolution; anyone can express their views on any subject.


Dawn said...

I'm glad you have this outlet to voice your opinions on the wearing of shoes in homes.

I find my blog to be a great source of expressing my thoughts as well. It at least helps me to get things off my chest sometimes.

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

I am glad you are interested enough to visit.