Thursday, May 17, 2007

My Conversion to No Laces

You may recall that I bought several pairs of shoes with no laces before going to Japan.

Since coming back in March, I have hardly worn my old shoes with laces at all.

I do not think I would ever buy shoes with laces again unless they were walking boots or athletic shoes.

I used to think wearing shoes without laces was lazy. I now think it is so practical. I certainly would not have survived Japan if I had brought lace-up shoes with me (my fingers would have dropped off after tying and untying so many times). Seeing as I always take my shoes off at the door at home, they are great for me here as well. If I forget something, I will never be tempted to go back upstairs in my shoes.

Since switching to No Laces, I am removing my shoes more often when visiting people. If people do not expect me to take my shoes off, it is embarassing to stand in the doorway fiddling to get my shoes off.

Last month I got some sandals, with all the warm weather. I chose Birkenstocks, as they allow the option of quick removal.

Lace-up shoes are an anachronism that we should abolish, along with wearing shoes in homes.

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