Thursday, May 03, 2007


There does seem to have been a huge rise in the number of photographic studios here in the UK. They are openning up all over the place.

What seems particulary popular are these photographs of people against a white background.

I have noticed that people in the white background photos are always either in socks or barefeet. I even saw a photo of two girls on a bicycle who were conspicuously in their socks.

I presume the reason for shoes being removed for these photos is that any black marks on the backdrop would spoil the photo.

I suppose it must be very annoying for the obsessive shoe fanatics that they cannot be photographed in their shoes in this style. Yet another example of how modern life brings us these shoes-off situations.


rich said...

You'll also sometimes see people without shoes in adverts as well, particularly ones for sofas and similar furniture (DFS has many such pictures in their adverts)and also for carpets and floors. This may also be a reflection of the fact that "shoes off" homes are becoming increasingly common and may even encourage that trend.

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Yes, people are usually barefoot in the DFS adverts, though not always.

I suppose the advertisers want to make their sofas look comfortable and they would not look too comfy if people felt the need to wear shoes on them.

God Bless