Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Home Viewing Today

I had to conduct a tour of the house myself for the first time today. The estate agent was unable to send anyone to conduct the viewing and my parents were at work.

The question was, would I ask them to take their shoes off? On the one hand, it was my parents house and my responsibility was to them. They would never ask for shoes off. On the other hand, it was raining and they would go in my bedroom.

It occurred to me that I could at least ask them to remove their shoes before going up stairs, as soem people do.

As it happened, I did not. The person who came was a middle aged lady who brought her mother with her. I was not going to ask an elderly lady to take her shoes off.

When I took them upstairs, I noticed them stopping before going in my bedroom, when they saw the no-shoes sign on the door (which my parents ignore). But I gestured them in.

Despite the soaking rain, the lady wanted to view the garden, but she left her mother inside. She took her shoes off when she came back in and went back through the kitchen and hall in her barefeet. I thanked her for doing that.

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