Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Times: Bride attacked groom with high heel

Times: Bride attacked groom with high heel

You really don't want your guests doing this to you. Make sure they take those killer heels off at the door.

I suppose this is probably one of the reasons why the police confiscate the shoes of people they have arrested.


richyrich said...

That's very true. Do you remember the Jerry Springer show a few years ago? It was where people got the chance to confront on television people who had upset them in some way (often it was wives or girlfriends facing women who had been having affairs with their husbands / boyfriends)and not surprisingly tempers would often become very heated. On some occassions participants in it would fight and kick one another and these were often women with high heeled shoes. So I read somewhere that after some of these incidents, they started asking women to take off their heels if they thought there was a danger of them attacking someone else on the programme, although I didn't actually see that happening. Then if a fight did occur, they would fight it out barefooted or in their stockinged feet, therefore reducing the risk of injury to one another. Have you ever heard of this?

Also one other reason you could add to your "37 Reasons for Shoe Removal in the Home" is the fact that if children (or adults for that matter!)started fighting for some reason, there'd be less likely hood of any of them being hurt through kicking.

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

I never heard that about Jerry Springer (I seldom ever watched that programme), but it sounds sensible.

Actually, I did sort of mention that in the 37 reasons:

19. If your children play rough, they will do less damage.