Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Different Home Fellowship Meeting

I was invited by a friend to attend a different home fellowship meeting to the one I normally attend.

The people whose house it was at were wearing shoes when I arrived. It is amazing how people with an off-white carpet will walk on it in shoes. It was not in good shape and will certainly not stay that way.

I took my shoes off anyway. It was interesting to see which other people did. A thirty-something couple both took off their shoes. Perhaps they keep a shoeless home.


richyrich said...

Did this other couple take off their shoes after they saw you do it or do you think they would have done it anyway? And I don't suppose you took the opportunity to tell any of the people there about the merits of a shoes off policy.

And I totally agree that such a policy is absolutely vital to ensure that light coloured carpets remain in a good condition for any length of time. As I've said here before, I moved into my present house about a year and a half ago and it has light carpets that the previous owners installed some 2 years previously. They had kept a shoeless household and needless to say I have faithfully continued with that. Today, with the carpet having been there for some 4 and a half years in total, most of it still looks as good as new. Need I say more?

richyrich said...

having been there for some 4 and a half years in total

Sorry I meant 3 and a half years, still good though considering its light colour

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Richyrich, I am glad your carpet is in such a good condition. I am sure a lot of people with light carpets always go shoeless, even if they might be shy about insisting on it for guests.

I was the first person to arrive, so the other people who took their shoes off might have noticed my shoes by the door.

I am afraid I did not mention the subject. I am a bit more reserved about talking about it in person.

God Bless


Rose~ said...

I am glad you found it comfortable.

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...