Thursday, September 06, 2007

Home Viewers Again

We had some more home viewers, this time an elderly couple and their son.

I was a bit worried about what would happen if elderly people came. Would the estate agent ask them to take their shoes off? I would not be comfortable asking elderly people to remove their shoes and would hate to be thought mean and unthoughtful.

As it happened, he did not. The estate agent removed his shoes and the visitors followed his example and removed theirs.

I guess old people do not always find it difficult to take their shoes off. My grandmother is 79 and often removes her shoes when visiting our house. She sometimes takes her slippers with her.

I am finding it very encouraging that nobody has so far expressed any unhappiness at removing their shoes when viewing the house.


Rose~ said...

I am so glad that the little things in life can give you such comfort.

BTW, this post is as profound as your latest on UOG. Almost, but not quite. ;~)

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Thanks, Rose.