Sunday, October 28, 2007


In church this morning, a little girl kept putting her feet on the seat. Her shoes were on and they looked filthy. The carpet near her seat had gotten muddy and the seat became covered in bits of mud.

I thought it was a quite shocking sight. I found it so horrifying I could barely concentrate on the sermon.

The little girl was not sitting with her mother, but with a young single woman. If people have a child sit with them, they should take the responsiblity of making sure the child behaves herself; and I cannot see putting muddy shoes on seats as acceptable behaviour.


richyrich said...

I agree that children should be taught from an early age not to put dirty feet on other people's (or their own if it comes to that)property and that the girl you saw should have been told that by the person who was with her. Is there a doormat at the entrance of the church? Had you seen this girl before? I wonder if her parents would allow her to wear her dirty shoes at home.

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Yes, the young lady she was with ought to have told her to remove either her feet or her shoes.

The fact she kept her dirty shoes on suggests her parents do not worry much about shoes and floors.

I do not think their is a doormat at the church.

God Bless