Saturday, October 13, 2007

My first Shoeless Party : Turning the hallway into a Shoe Shop

I hosted my first shoeless party yesterday evening. It was a relaxed and casual evening with drinks.

I invited about 26 people, but only 16 agreed to come. Sadly, only ten people came in the end due to sickness.

We had a really wonderful time. Everybody enjoyed themselves.

You may recall I wrote on the invitations:

Shoes off at the door would be appreciated. Feel free to bring some slippers.

Therefore, everybody removed their shoes without needing to be asked. Nobody seemed bothered about it (one couple had a no-shoes home and another couple had been missionaries in shoe-removing Albania). A couple of people brought slippers.

Some people think that shoesless parties are tacky and crass. I am very sorry that people think that. It is true that it was a casual party; nobody dressed up. However, we all had a good time.

Some people say that you have to clear up after a party anyway, so why bother worrying about keeping the house clean? Well, it took me a while to clean up after the party even with people taking their shoes off. To have dirty marks on the carpet as well as crumbs would have been pretty horrible.

What have I acheived with this party?

- I have established that people do not mind coming to a shoe-less party.

- I have established that people can have a really enjoyeable time at a shoesless party.

- I have set an example to the people who came of how you can keep a house cleaner by having a no-shoes rule (somebody commented on how clean the house was).

- I have set an example to those who came of how it is acceptable to have a no-shoes rule at a party.

- I have established that there is no discernible aroma of feet at a shoeless party. I could not smell anybody's feet whatsoever.

- I have set an example to the 26 people who were invited that it is acceptable to request shoes-off on an invitation.


richyrich said...

Glad that it went well. Did any of the guests make any comments about the shoes off policy? (even positive ones)

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Nothing very exciting. I know one couple who came have a shoes-off house.