Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Neat Freaks?


It is commonly thought that people who insist on shoes-off in their homes are neat freaks who are obsessed with keeping their homes clean and tidy.

I dare say that there are some people who prefer shoes-off who are genuine neat freaks. And those who are Obsessive-Compulsive about cleanliness may well be among the shoes-off community.

Of course this is culturally relative. In Japan it is thought that money is dirty and unhygeinic because it is handled by untold numbers of people. Japanese people also regard any objects placed in bathrooms, such as books or ornaments to be 'dirty'. A person in a western society who held such attitudes would almost certainly be regarded as Obsessive-Compulsive.

I have known a number of people who really were excessive in their desire to keep their homes clean. Interestingly, these people did not require visitors to remove their shoes. I suspect that they probably spent so much time in cleaning their homes that they were happy to waste time cleaning up afer their visitors.

Many people who keep their homes shoe-free are not domestic goddesses who like nothing better than spending whole days doing spring cleaning. Rather, they are busy working people who have far better things to do. They do not want to clean up for the sake of it, but they know that living in a clean environment is healthier and far more pleasent. Knowing that time is precious they would rather keep the mess to the minimum and spend as little time as possible cleaning up after their visitors. Prevention is better than cure.

Nobody needs a house that is spotless, but it is pointless to allow dirt and dust to accumulate when it could easily be kept out by leaving shoes at the door. A floor is meant to be walked upon, but that does not mean that one should not reduce wear and tear and save time and money.


Anonymous said...

execllent point Matthew....we are not OC but like our home to be clean and neat and hardwood floors was odd about who the biggest complainers of a shoeless home were

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Some people complained about your shoes-off policy?

Anonymous said...

yes..interstingly the complainers were not visitors but rather people who my wife interviewed to clean our home!!!! The first three canidates that she saw did not like the idea that they would not be able to wear shoes while they worked in our home....very surprising as a shoeless home would make their job easier!!! just never know!

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...


My parents have never had a shoes-off rule for visitors. Some of the cleaners they employed took their shoes without being asked, others did not.

Maybe the people you interviewed were not used to working shoe-less.

God Bless


Anonymous said...

I guess that must have been the case....the women my wife finally engaged immediately took her shoes off when she entered without my wife having to say a word...
alls well that ends well!!
PS..I hope you don't mind my commenting on a daily basis

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

I do appreciate comments and I think it would be nice to have some more from the silent types who visit.

richyrich said...

As I've said on here before, I have a lady who comes to clean my house. When I moved in I interviewed a number of different ones and of the first few who came, none of them took their shoes off when they came in, even though I answered the door in my stockinged feet and all my pairs of shoes were lined up in the hallway.

However when the lady whom I did take on came she almost immediately took off her shoes and I thanked her for that immediately. She was very pleasant and professional in other ways too and after a while I again said how I appreciated her for having taken her shoes off. She replied that she would never wear her shoes in her own home and that she wouldn't do it in other people's either. I ended up taking her on and since then she has always taken her shoes oof as soon as she's come through the door. Recently I wrote a reference recommending her services to other potential customers and specifically mentioned her shoe removal in that.
She does a very good job for me in every respect and it goes to show that the most professional people do put their customers' wishes above all else.

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

I am glad your cleaner is a reliable person.