Monday, November 26, 2007

The Colour of Carpets

My mother complained about the dark green carpet in her apartment. She wishes she had a light coloured carpet.

A lot of people say it is foolish to have beige or cream carpets, as they are so vulnerable to floor traffic and stains.

However, dark carpets can also look filthy too. You see, a lot of the dirt that falls to the floor, particularly food crumbs is light in colour. These light coloured crumbs or bits of paper stand out horribly on a dark carpet.

That is why so many people do opt for beautiful cream or off white carpets in place of the supposedly practical dark carpets that make houses look like cheap hotels.

Of course, light-cloured carpets are especially vulnerable to marks from shoes. So if you have a light-cloured carpet you should definitely impose a no-shoes rule in your house.


richyrich said...

I totally agree. As I've said in a number of other postings, I have a cream carpet in my house. it's been there for some 4 years (having been put there by the previous owners who also operated a no shoes policy)It is still in a very good condition and I very much hope that it'll last for a good few years more.

I agree that light coloured carpets look very nice and I think that they make the whole place look lighter and bigger and also more welcoming for people visiting the house. But a shoes off policy is an absolute must if they are to retain their good looks.

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Quite so.