Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Degrees of Firmness part 2


I think for friends I would go for the very direct no.6 (Could you take your shoes off, please?) and for people I did not know, I would use the more restrained no.4 (Are you alright with taking your shoes off?).

It may be that you are just too shy to use the more direct requests. However, you might find that the softest approach no.1 works a lot of the time. If you are barefoot and there are a lot of shoes by the door, you may get the right reaction just by saying:

You can take your shoes off here, if you like.


Anonymous said...


I have always enforced the rule of "shoes off at the door" with my family. You never know what contamination is on the bottom of a shoe...it's certainly not a surface I'd want to eat off of.

Problem being....I began a new live-in relationship a year ago, and took over the upkeep of my boyfriend's house. He wasn't much of a housekeeper and the condition of the house attetested to that fact. I really didn't care though, I knew with some elbow grease, copious amounts of PineSol, paste wax, and dilgence, I'd get the place to a comfortable maintenance level. My boyfriend understands my revulsion to footwear in the house and complies without question.... my problem is his father. He's originally from the UK where it must be acceptable to trek through your home in germ laden footwear. I watch each step as he scuffles over the hardwood floors that were once dingy but now glisten. He obviously doesn't notice the extreme change, nor does he have any respect for the home. He drops in unannounced and walks directly into the house (without even wiping his feet on the mat that I've placed in a very obvious position by the door with several pairs of shoes on it, hoping he'll get the hint.
Wish I had the nerve to say something, but I'm concerned about offending him and creating a family dispute.

What's really upsetting is that when he visits his other son's home....a very expensive monster house...he DOES remove his shoes!!!

There, I got that off my chest....thanks for listening.

Gutless and Shoeless in Toronto

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Thanks for visiting and sharing that.

Sadly it is common very in the UK for people to keep their shoes on and I have heard stories about this causing friction in mixed Canadian and British families.

I dont think I would be as tolereant as you.

God Bless