Tuesday, February 19, 2008

How to silently remind guests to remove their shoes

1. Cast your eyes downwards at the guest's feet for a few seconds.

2. Make a faint smile with gritted teeth.

3. Look down at the guest's feet again.

4. When the guest looks down, nod.

This is unlikely to work on first-time guests. This is only for reminding people who already know you don't want shoes in your house.


Anonymous said...

People are not offended by notices in people's houses like 'Welcome' on the doormat, so how about a framed cartoon about taking shoes off, rather than a watercolour hanging in your entrance hall? I think it's polite to gently pre-warn people you have invited to your home that you have a shoes off policy, then it saves them the embarrassment of holes in their socks, or gives them the opportunity to bring slippers. I'm all for it! Katie

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Katie, nice of you to comment again.

If you are going for a sign, it needs to be funny.

A serious shoes-off sign looks officious.

And I think one must not use a sign as a substitute for asking people politely if they are first-time visitors.

God Bless