Sunday, February 24, 2008

Planning ahead

I had a young couple who are my best friends join me for dinner at my house.

They know I expect shoes off. After they took them off I noticed the lady was in pantyhose (Sorry, the majority of my readers are Yanks), so I offered her the loan of some socks. However, she had thought ahead and brought her own, a bright red pair.

I love having friends who respect my home and they way I prefer to live.

As I usually do, I seved oriental food, this time Thai style. Coming to my house for dinner is an Asiastic experience; oriental style cooking and shoes off at the door. But we did sit on chairs.


Bob said...

We had a similar experience this wife and four of her friends spent the day shopping and then returned here for dinner. When they arrived they all left their shoes at the door and three of them had knitted slippers in their purse which they put on. I don't know if my wife had pre-warned them about our shoe policy as only one of the women had been here before or if that was their normal routine. It is also possible that the women who had visited before may have told the others. At any rate they all seemed very pleased to shed their shoes.
As Sacramento Bob no longer posts I am going to sign as Bob from now on

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Thanks for sharing that.