Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A great comment

An anonymous reader from the Republic of Georgia wrote:

I do believe shoes are not to be worn indoors. Their function is to protect us from street dirt, so wearing shoes indoors is improper.
Walking at people's homes with one's stockinged feet is comfortable and cozy. It is so nice to feel a carpet under your feet! You enter into a physical and emotional contact with your host's home when you're without your shoes. This custom develops home intimacy and, therefore, is beautiful.
Those who say they lose their outfit when shoes off could be replied: why don't you then leave your coats and hats on indoors? Socks and nylons are components of our appearance as well; they can be both elegant and fitting the whole appearance.
As many people, unfortunately, still don't share this logic, it is often considered rude to offer visitors "remove your shoes please". Yet I think one should always help other people to follow ideas he/she believes in. Allowing other people's stay in their shoes only looks polite; in contrast, it only indicates the host fears seeming rude more than breaking his/her own values.

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