Sunday, April 27, 2008


I work in a drug rehab clinic which offers alternative therapy. One of my colleagues is a vegan and another practices organic gardening and alternative medicine. I think one has to be a bit of a hippy to work there. I suppose I express my hippiness in wearing flip flops or sandals to work.

Hippies are often associated with going barefoot. While hippies are not reputed to be bothered about dirt, I am sure a lot of people who have a shoes-off policy could fall into the 'hippy' category. After all, many of them worry about pollution and chemicals. And many hippies are interested in Asian cultures. So having a shoe-less home can really fit in well with an hippy lifestyle.

While I mentioned wearing sandals and flip flops, my own hippy credentials are severely limited, being a critic of Organic food and a supporter of Genetically Modified food technology. However, when I was at sixth form (high school to you Yanks) I had a reputation for being a hippy on account of havinng long hair and being into 'peace.'

I do tend to get on well with people who could fall into the categories of hippy or punk; people who are a bit counter-cultural. I suppose because my Christian fundamentalism puts me outside mainstream attitudes.

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