Monday, April 21, 2008

I am proud to be a Sheep

I read a blog that said those who are happy to remove their shoes at airport security are 'Sheep People.' I guess I am a sheep. A dumb social conformist who is silly enough to think that maybe sometimes governments have our best interests at heart.

I thought readers might be interested in reading some stuff on the TSA Blog about removing shoes at airport security.

The TSA are the people who manage airport security in the USA. Over there, removing shoes is mandatory, while over here you might have to take your shoes off or you might not. As somebody who believes in being prepared for terrorism, I think the American way is better.

There was an interesting statement about Athlete's Foot on the TSA blog:

Evolution of Security:Shoes

Great first question on the ability to pick up foot fungus at the checkpoint and a very common one at that.

Believe it or not, TSA actually commissioned a study in 2003 with the Department of Health and Human Services to look at just that issue. I'm paraphrasing here and will have the actual letter posted tomorrow but they found that if the floor isn't moist then the possibility is, "extremely small to remote" to contract athlete's foot. If there are checkpoint floors that are moist, we generally have bigger issues on our hands than foot fungus.

This foot fungus thing comes up a lot when removing shoes is discussed.

The fact is that you can only get Athlete's Foot in damp conditions. That goes for people's homes as well as airport. I don't want to hear any more people claiming that you can get Athelete's Foot from taking your shoes off at somebody's house.

Readers, do not be afraid to ask your guests and visitors to remove their shoes. Neither you or your guests are going to catch foot fungus from your carpet, laminate flooring or hardwood floor.


Gail said...

Interesting blog you've got here. Thanks for dropping by!

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Thanks a lot for visiting, Gail.

Jochen said...

first of all, thanks for giving me my first on my blog.

i had to read through the post again and had to realize that it wasn't me that called those people "sheep people", but that is what i would have called them and what they are.

I know you are very dedicated to removing shoes, I however, hate it. I hate it so much that I used to avoid the homes of friends where their parents made us remove our shoes....I think that is just a personal dilemma......

Anyhow, with regards to security at the airport. Removing shoes, like most other precautions (like liquids) are only designed to instill a certain feeling of security into the you and the other passangers. I it only for public display and has nothing to do with security. I worked for over 4 years in the airline industry and i can tell you that if someone wants to bomb a plane, he can! His last thought will be, "I will just carry it on me through security". There are many many many other and easier ways to do that.

So I ask, let us keep our shoes where they belong, let us take liquids, give us back some comfort whilst travelling....

take care....

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Jochen, thanks for sharing your views. They are very welcome here.