Saturday, April 26, 2008

Degrees of Firmness part 2


I think for friends I would go for the very direct no.6 (Could you take your shoes off, please?) and for people I did not know, I would use the more restrained no.4 (Are you alright with taking your shoes off?).

It may be that you are just too shy to use the more direct requests. However, you might find that the softest approach no.1 works a lot of the time. If you are barefoot and there are a lot of shoes by the door, you may get the right reaction just by saying:

You can take your shoes off here, if you like.


Teresa said...

LOL - thanks for stopping by at my place.

I have no problem taking my shoes off in other people's houses... at the airport (with people who have who knows what on their feet) whole other matter. *grin*

I have been trying (without much success) to figure out how to make the "shoes off at the door" work in my house - with just my husband and I. So far I haven't managed to make it work efficiently (i.e. without every pair of shoes we own sitting by the door - not a good look for the home).

This means sometimes I do and sometimes I don't remove the shoes on entering. However, I shall consider carefully again now that you've put the thought back in my mind.


Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Teresa, thanks for visiting.

I actually think shoes at the door look quite nice- they are so varied usually. And shoes are designed to look nice, not ugly.

You could get a shoe rack. A shelf based one, not a wire rack (shoes just fall off the wire rack.

There is a post on somebody else's blog that might help you:

Jeri's Organizing & Decluttering News: Leaving Your Shoes at the Door

She has some great suggestions for shoe storage.

Whatever you decide to do, remember that the entranceway is only a small part of your house. You might not like the sight of shoes by the door, but a dirty carpet or scratched floors look even worse.

God Bless


Teresa said...

Considering that the place where the shoes would end up is right next to - or in depending on how you look at it - the place we eat... (yeah not exactly designed the way I would do an entrance) I will look into the different ways to store shoes. Thanks for the link *grin*

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

That does sound a little awkward.

pointnine said...

I have never seen this topic before on a blog -- and judging by the 3:45 AM timestamp on the post...sleepless night, perhaps?

I'm an American with lots of non-American friends, so this issue has come up a lot for me. Where I'm from, at least (in the South), it would be a little rude (presumptuous may be the better word) to take your shoes off in someone else's home unless you know them really (REALLY) well. So the first time I encountered the no-exceptions shoes-off slippers-on policy (I have big feet and I've been forced to wear someone's dad's or husband's slippers several times!) in Russia I was pretty shocked! And how bizarre to see the shoes slowly piling up at my door the first time I hosted a party for a whole group of mostly Asians (my ESL class). Of course I'm completely used to it now and tell the non-Americans to do whatever they feel most comfortable with when they visit.

So, do have pity on those poor folks who have possibly never encountered the "lose the shoes" rule before and may look at you funny. (Are you asking me to move in with you?) ; ) #1 would definitely get you funny looks from this crowd -- I think #3 might be best for the uninitiated with an "if you don't mind" thrown in to soften it, followed by a "we take our shoes off to protect the floors" if you still receive a funny look.

P.S. Have to add a ditto to Teresa's comment on airports. Ugh. I walk on tiptoes then, can't help it.

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Pointnine, thankyou so much for visiting and for sharing your thoughts.

The reason for the 3:45 AM is that I am in England and so in a different timezone to blogger.

God Bless