Thursday, June 05, 2008

BNP going Asian?

Lancaster Unity: Of Barnbrook, his cream carpets and the mystery of the twenty year-old DNA...

It turns out that the British National Party man who got voted onto the London Assembly has cream carpets and a shoes-off policy in his home.

For those of you who are not British, the British National Party are a far-right group with a Neo-Nazi history who are totally opposed to immigration. I think they are a blight on this nation. They really leave a bad taste in the mouth.

It seems odd that somebody who is against immigration should be adopting a custom that is being brought into this country by Asian and East European immigrants.

I used to be very right-wing in my views. I used to be critical of immigration and a litle xenophobic. To my shame, I once had a friendly conversation with some BNP activists. Then when I found that having a shoes-off rule made sense, I began to think that maybe immigration might be a good thing. If foreigners had excellent customs like removing shoes at the door, maybe muliticulturalism was a good thing.

So a BNP man has a shoes-off policy. So do millions of Chinese people, millions of Indian people, so do Black Muslims, so do New Agers and environmentalists, so do some Jehovah's Witnesses and some Roman Catholics, so do Polish plumbers. So does a Fundamentalist Christian in Worcester who is a member of the Conservative party.

This blog is all about diversity and celebrating it. Removing shoes is a custom practiced all over the world by many different cultures. And it is a great one. The people who read this blog and agree with shoes-off may have very different ideas about a lot of things, but we all believe in treating homes with respect. And that means treating people with respect too.


richyrich said...

I totally agree that the BNP are a blight on our nation and I find their views totally repulsive. The fact that one of their leading members has both a shoes off policy and cream carpets (I have both!) is hardly a good advertisement for either.

I also agree that immigration to the UK may well have thebenefit of spreading the good habit of shoe removal in homes.

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

I am glad you agree. I had no doubt that you were unsympathetic to the BNP.

London Orbital said...

Nothing special about cream carpets. But if your home doubles as a party HQ for half of London's activists - with people constantly tramping in and out - you might want to protect your carpet too. Even more so if you had just had your floors done.

dinosaur senior said...

Let me get this straight. You are in favour of immigration which will have the effect of doubling the population of this country in about 75 years time - just because you approve the practice of taking your shoes off inside the house??

I mean, could you not have simply gone abroad and picked up this wonderful habit and brought it back with you? The British for centuries came home with strange foods, customs, works of art - all of which enriched our nation's museums and our customs. But what no-one ever thought of bringing here - at least until the Empire was given away after WW11 were millions of immigrants.

Jeff Marshall said...

You might appreciate this article which tries to show the possible links between Muslims and the BNP.

Taking your shoes off indoors, perhaps, as well as disapproving of homosexuality & favouring the birch as a means of enforcing social discipline.

A light flogging would do today's yobbos the world of good.

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

London Orbital, that is a sensible point.

If you have a lot of people coming and going, it can wreck a floor unless they take their shoes off.

However, that is a little more awkward when your an activist for the Tory party, as a lot of Conservative supporters are elderly.

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Dinosaur Senior, actually there are quite a few reasons I support immigration.

The main argument is economic; our economy benefits from a flexible labour market, as well as the insights that different cultures bring.

"immigration which will have the effect of doubling the population of this country in about 75 years time"

Its not as simple as that. There are British people leaving the country to go abroad. The birthrate is not as high as it could be (though not as low as some countries in Europe) and it is not certain the rate of immigration the country will experience in the next 75 years.

Recent figures suggest the number of ast Europeans coming to the country is rapdly declining.

However, I don't want to get into a big debate on immigration here on this blog.

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Jeff, I had better not say anything about homosexuality, or else I shall blow all the liberal credentials I gained from writing this post.