Friday, June 20, 2008

Treating other people with respect

We should always do our utmost to treat other people with respect.

All of us have little things that we are sensitive about. Other people might find it hard to understand those things and may think we are oversensitive about them. However, that does not mean that we should not take those things into consideration.

For instance, some people may not like to hear bad language. If so, you should try as hard as you can not to swear when in that person's company. You may think that is silly. You may think they have the problem, not you and they should deal with it. I disagree. I think that you should respect the fact that those people do not like bad language.

Some people may not like you to smoke when there children are present. You may think that is silly, after all they are not going to be affected by you smoking just one cigarette in front of them. However, perhaps these people do not want you to set an example to your children. You should respect that.

Likewise, some people do not want shoes to be worn inside their homes. This is something important to them.

You may think this is daft. If it is for cultural reasons you may think "They are living in the UK not in China." If it is to protect the carpet you may think "Carpets are meant to be walked on." That is fine. You are entitled to your opinion. However, you should still treat their preference with respect. They are fellow human beings who have the right to their preferences and opinions as much as you do. So please don't complain if you are asked to remove your shoes in such homes.

We should also not be afraid to state our preferences. Nobody is going to know that you would rather they avoided using bad language in front of their children unless you tell them this. In the same way nobody will know that you would like shoes-off in your house unless you make it clear. There is nothing wrong with expressing how you feel and asserting your wishes. You have the right to be respected.


richyrich said...

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Rita Martinez said...

I once went to visit a friend, a long time ago, only to find out she wasn't home, actually the house was quite empty. I had no clue what to do since my mother had dropped me off and back in those days I had no cellphone and didn't even dream of owning one. Luckily a neighbor who had often times seen me around the building hanging out with my friend, invited me into her home so that I'd wait for my friend. That building was very well known for its chinese/japanese tenants. I went up and the first thing I saw as I entered the apartment was a small rectangular area where one is required to leave the shoes. She didn't even have to ask me, I understood completely and thought it was an amazingly wonderful idea for whenever I have my own home.

Celestial Fundie said...

Rita, thanks so much for visiting and for sharing that.

I am very glad you think it is a wonderful thing to do.