Saturday, June 14, 2008

You Tube: Healthy Byte - Leave Dirt at the Door

You Tube: Healthy Byte - Leave Dirt at the Door

This video is a bit short, but it makes the right point.


richyrich said...

Very good video. Thanks for sharing it.

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...


Anonymous said...

hi i have just seen this video and what amazes me is the assumption or implication is that this whole subject is somehow new.My mum had us do exactly what the person does in the film.As did my wives parents,this was 20 years ago.We do this now with our own family.I also remember when it was the dark nights we used to take turns at playing games at each others houses(remember subutio,i cant remember how to spell it)Anyway when we visited or they came to us,we always took our slippers with us.It was common courtesy.Perhaps matt you could start thread about this.Non of my friends ever wore shoes in the house.My wife came from an different part of the UK yet her experiences are the same.

Celestial Fundie said...

Anonymous, are you a known unknown? I mean, have you commented before? (You can leave a name by ticking the other box)

I am a little surpised that your experience in the UK is of the practice of removing shoes being common, espcecially given you are going back 20 years.

Most people with experience of the UK who comment on the internet testify that it is uncommon.

hugh said...

Sorry Matt, i didnt intend my comment to be anonymous.I sent it on my Palm and for some reason it left of my name.I have just seen the message.No i posted a few days ago, which this post my message here links into.
Anyway, i thought that this link would interest you i found when i visited this forum.I grew up in Sheffield before moving away to university and i keep in touch with things there via this forum.Here is the link
I found the comment interesting where a sheffield newbie asserts that the city is a hotbed of shoe removal.I have to admit he think he is right, although his tone is tone is somewhat indignant.
I grew up in a very nice large victorian house located in a wooded enclave, and as i said i just found
that in this area my friends and families all seemed to take their shoes off and yes everyone did seem to wear slippers.
My wife is from Surrey and her parents have an amazing house.And yes once again her experiences of her early life are remarkably similar.
I just discovered your blog and i a fine combination of serious and sometimes quite jovial posts.
Once again sorry for the missing name.

Celestial Fundie said...

Hugh, I am very glad you enjoy this blog.

Funnily enough I just read the first page of that thread this morning.

I am surpised to read the comment about Sheffield. From what I have read on the internet, remvoing shoes is not very common in the north and is more common in the south-east and London area.

Your wife is from Surrey?

You know, I have a job interview in Surrey tomorrow. And I am waiting to hear back from another job interview in Surrey.

I bet it is common there with the expensive houses and the large Asian and East European population.

I think I would rather like Surrey.

God Bless


hugh said...

hi matt,i hope the interview went well.this Hugh,im telling you this,because i am on the pda and i suspect once again its going to post me as anonyous
I am the train and i thought i would send a message.A little bit of fun here and a possibility of a little fun task for you.
I have not lived in Yorkshire for long time,but still keep in touch via the net.I cant precise but perhaps in 2002 it wasjust before broadband,but i was on the sheffield star(thats the local rag)and there was a large piece called"Sheffield,slippers capital of Britain."Now apparantly a major piece of research concluded,that Sheffield had the highest proportion of slipper wearers in the UK.Then the reporter had gone onto the streets and photod and interviewed residents not only if they wore slippers but also what .Then they also did the same
with local celebrities.I remember it was very funny esp when it concluded it said that Sheffield men were especially fond of tartan slippers.Upon seeing this Alex(the wife)a good southern lass,said"if i ever caught you in tartan slippers i would ask for a divorce."She only buys me classy leather slippers(thankfully)
Now matt,i really that you would like to see this article and post it on the blog.Its only a bit of fun.Now i dont know where you would find it,other than the paper,but also it would be fun to actually see the original research.I myself have been published and methodology has always interested me.
Its yet another long message,but i am on a long journey,but unlike your recent trip,my shoes will have stay on,i am in the first class restaurant car and perhaps if i took them off i would finish the journey in the guards van.
Have fun matt,and once again sorry if posted anonymous

Celestial Fundie said...

Hugh, nice of you to ask. The interview yesterday did not go that well. But I can say that Esher, Surrey is one really posh place!

Celestial Fundie said...

It looks like the Sheffield Star is not online.