Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Road Re-surfacing

The roads got re-surfaced here in Malvern. There is horrible tarmac every where.

I just saw a girl who had crossed the road shaking bits of grit out of her flip flops.

It is horrible to think about what fresh tarmac could potentially do to a carpet. You really should think about it when you enter your home.

And as for those of you who are to polite to ask guests to remove their shoes- just suppose they have walked on a road that has been re-surfaced?


bluejazzy said...

You are making a really good case! Did you ever consider becoming a lawyer?
wayne aka jazzycat

Celestial Fundie said...

I have got a law diploma, but I decided becoming a lawyer was too much like hard work.

What's with the name change?

bluejazzy said...

Mark and I set up a special e-mail account for our True Free Grace blog. Blue for bluecollar and jazzy for jazzycat becomes bluejazzy. When I sign in with my regular account I am still Jazzycat.