Wednesday, August 13, 2008


With the news of the fighting in Georgia, I do hope our Georgian reader is safe and well.

You have chosen to remain anonymous, but if you are reading this, please reassure us all. Thanks.


jazzycat said...

At some point aggression will have to be met with more than hope. It will eventually have to be met with firmness and action. Many lives will be saved if the free world and NATO remain very strong militarily and very courageous in defending liberty. Nothing will prevent aggression like strength and willingness to confront it!

Celestial Fundie said...

I do not wish to make any political statements about the situation in Georgia.

I wish only to express my hope and prayers for the Georgian individual who has been a frequent visitor to this blog.

jazzycat said...

Surely. I did not mean my comment to be critical of your concerns. I simply intended to use your post as launching pad for a political and biblical truth about aggression in general!