Monday, August 25, 2008

Parenting Project: Shoes off or on inside the house?

Parenting Project: Shoes off or on inside the house?

It is always nice to inspire a post on somebody's blog.


Lisa said...

Thanks for your post Matthew. Actually, being Chinese, it is MANDATORY to have shoes off in the house. And yes, we do have guest slippers for guests and we ourselves wear slippers in the house. ONe great thing about living in Hong Kong is that I myself employ a domestic helper. The floors are wiped and washed daily and all the play mats are as well. As for growing up, we were taught to take our shoes off at the door and actually find it strange when I go to friend's house that don't require you to take off your shoes. I actually detest shoes in my house for reasons you've listed in your blog. What is the different between the dirt outside and inside then? Anyways - thank you for this post. I support your idea and say "NO SHOES!"

Celestial Fundie said...

Lisa, thanks for your support.

It is great that Chinese remove their shoes, but it would be nice to see more Anglo-Saxons adopting the practice.

God bless