Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Beautiful Sight

My parents were hosting an home fellowship meeting this evening.

I arrived back late after an interview in London to see several pairs of shoes by the door. Always a beautiful sight.


Bob said...

How did the interview go? If you took the position would you move back to London or could you commute from where you are now? Regarding the Fellowship attendees who removed their shoes, I bet that they were young, less than 40 and probably female

Celestial Fundie said...

Bob, the interview went reasonably well, though I ran out of time before completing the practical tests they set. The job is administrative rather than social care, so I am not quite so keen on that one.

I may have a possible job offer int he pipeline from another place.

"I bet that they were young, less than 40 and probably female"

No, some men included. One of them might be over 40.

I did not see the guests, so I dont know if anybody kept their shoes on.

In my experience, over 40s and males do remove their shoes without being asked.

God Bless