Monday, November 17, 2008

Christmas is coming

Christmas is on its way and with it the party season. A lot of Christmas parties will already be in the planning stage.

With winter weather being snow if you live in New York, or rain if you live in London, you may want to have your party guests remove their shoes to protect the carpet. However, you may be concerned that female guests will want to show off their fanciest footwear as part of their outfits. You might decide, like many who have a shoes-off policy, to make an exception for your Christmas party.

I would suggest that you might want to consider requiring shoes-off at your Christmas party. The reason being that a lot of women will be attending several Xmas parties and thus be having to wear their killer heels a little more often than usual. I recently read a comment in a newspaper about the strain of the party season on female feet. Attending a shoeless party might be quite pleasent for a lot of women; it will give their feet a well deserved rest!


The Mom said...

Are you off your head, er or just plain crazy?

No offence intended. I guess your shoes *are* off your feet. . . .

Just surfed in from Glosbaptis

Celestial Fundie said...

Why do people think that saying 'no offence' permits them to say things which are impolite?