Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Daily Green: No Shoes Indoors for the Family! What About the Family Dog?

The Daily Green: No Shoes Indoors for the Family! What About the Family Dog?

One of my most frequent suggestions on how to reduce indoor air pollution, exposure to chemical residue, and general grime — take off your shoes before entering or just after entering your home — seems like a total no-brainer. It's common sense that you shouldn't trudge through the New York City subway (as I do), then track in that truly grim dirt and grime to where your baby is crawling. It used to require some coercing of our friends when they came over back before we all had kids to get them to go shoeless in our home. But now everyone I know with kids takes off their shoes. So much so that our preschool teacher keeps having to remind parents to keep their children's shoes on when they arrive at school. These kids just aren't accustomed to wearing shoes inside.

But there's a population of greenies who hesitate re jumping on the shoe-off bandwagon: dog owners. Why bother taking off their shoes, they ask me, if their dogs are trekking in the same gunk they're supposed to be minimizing? It's a legitimate question and there are several ways of handling it.

I love reading stuff by other people who feel strongly on this issue.


J. Lindbergh said...

Just wipe the paws with a towel when you get back inside if they are dirty - that's what I do.

Shoes on inside is disgusting, who knows what you've been walking around in, dog urine, spit, dog poo etc

Celestial Fundie said...

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