Friday, November 28, 2008

SKY T.V. Engineer

We had an engineer come today to fix us up with satellite television. He removed his shoes without being asked.


richyrich said...

Why do you think he did that? Do you think that he saw your shoes at the door and you without shoes and took the hint?

richyrich said...

Have you seen this site?

Celestial Fundie said...

Might have been the rain outide. Or maybe he was from NZ (he had an accent).

We had another t.v. engineer come today who removed his shoes without being asked.

It does seem to be a lot more common here in the south compared to the midlands.

Celestial Fundie said...

Thanks for sharing that discussion thread.

jenthomas said...

A lady from the estate agents visited me at home yesterday to do a valuation.

She was wearing a top and skirt and black medium-heeled lace-up shoes. As soon as she was in the front door, without me asking, she stopped, bent down, and untied her laces and slipped off her shoes, and came into my house just in her stockinged feet.

I was really impressed that she that she did this without being asked.

When she was leaving I thanked her for taking her shoes off. She said she always removed them when in peopled homes, partly out of politness, but she also said she found it more comfy!!

I just wish more people would do this.

Anyone got any similar situations?

Celestial Fundie said...

Thanks for visiting and sharing that.

Anonymous said...


I finally

Celestial Fundy said...

Is than an incomplete comment?

You finally...?

Anonymous said...


The last post but one was by me, Jen.

I was just going to say that I have finally decided to sell my property.

The same young lady from the estate agents who had visited previously came again to take all the measurements for the particulars.

Anyway, the reason this may be interesting is that she was wearing the same shoes as on the previous occassion, and again slipped them off at the front door and then walked around the house in her stocokinged feet, which was very thoughtful.

However, when she was leaving and went to put her shoes back on, I noticed that she had completely removed the laces from them.

We got chatting and she said that she found it a nusissence tying and un-tying her laces every time she visited a property, so she had taken the laces out so that she could slip her shoes on and off easily!!

The shoes were black medium-heeled lace-ups, - although now obviously without any laces!!

Jen Thomas ( sorry I have managed to forget my password!!).

Celestial Fundy said...

Jen, nice to see you again.

You can leave your name without the password by clicking on the name/ URL button when posting your comment. You just fill in the field with your name and add a web address if you want.

I think it was great that the lady removed her shoes. However, I am not impressed by her intelligence. Why remove the laces when she could just wear shoes which you slip-on? Those would surely be easier to walk in than shoes without laces! Are estate agents really so badly paid that they can only afford one pair of shoes?