Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Health Controversy: Do You Have a "Shoes Off" Rule at Home, or Not?

Health Controversy: Do You Have a "Shoes Off" Rule at Home, or Not?


Shannon said...

Yes, we have almost always held to the Shoes Off rule. On my front door hangs a wreath. In the center of the wreath hangs a sing which says "Life is made of choices: Remove your shoes or scrub the floor" If someone doesn't see or can't read the sign, I simply thank them for volunteering to clean my carpets/floors! How thoughtful to humble agree to such an act of servitude. ;) The typcial response is a chuckle coupled with quick movements to take off their shoes!! :) Mission Accomplished!!

Love your blog.

Celestial Fundie said...

Thanks for the comment and encouragement.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we have a shoes off policy at our home, and most of the time we wear comfy soft slippers while we're at home so our feet aren't touching the cold winter floor. I live in NYC and I think it's disgusting that people don't take their shoes off when they get home - do they realize the kind of filth their shoes carry into their apartment from the filthy streets of NYC?! I once had a roommate who returned home from work and would keep her shoes on for the entire evening. Once I discovered that she had stepped on dog poop (and not realizing it) and had brought it all the way back to our apartment with the shoes she was wearing and it got onto our carpet and sofa. It was so gross! Obviously she is no longer my roommate!