Thursday, December 04, 2008

More workmen

We had a couple more engineers working on the televisions in our house yesterday.

It was wonderful to see them remove their shoes every time they came into the house, even carrying their shoes upstairs to go into the loft and removing them when they came down the ladder.

I have read people complaining that workmen never take their shoes off, but a lot of the workmen seem to remove their shoes when entering homes round here.


Moderate Mouse said...

Even if I had a "shoes-off" policy in my home, I'd maybe make an exception for any kind of "workman".(But if they do so out of conscience, that's okay too.) The way I see it is 1)They're (probably) in uniform, which shoes may be part of and 2)They've come on official business. I'd hate to knowingly ruin someone else's professionalism by having them forfeit a part of their work ensembele, but if the workmen in your home are able to maintain their professionalism even while unshod, more power to them. Also, is the nature of the task they were performing safe to do without shoes on?

Celestial Fundie said...

It is nice that you keep reading this blog. I do appreciate it.

I did not ask these men to remove their shoes.

Health and safety issues would make me less inclined to ask a workman to remove his shoes.

The workmen who went into the loft put his shoes back on, presumably for his safety.

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