Friday, December 05, 2008

Sex and the City- A Woman's Right to Shoes

The infamous Sex and the City episode. Not a programe I watch, but at least this episode gives a bit of publicity to my cause.

The portrayal of the shoeless hostess in this story is somewhat negative, hence anti-shoes-off people often mention it in debates.

One thing which tends to get forgotten is that the people attending the shoeless party appear to be enjoying themselves.


Anonymous said...

yes, they do enjoy being shoeless; for example one of them was nicely resting with her feet on a sofa

Celestial Fundie said...

Yes. Its not bad publicity.

And coats could be stolen just as easily as shoes.

Moderate Mouse said...

Hello, it's me again.

I'm not big on that show either, but I am intrigued by the clip. I thought it was funny when the guy that was with Carrie said that it was a good thing he had on his "party socks". Now, I'm open to correction on this, but didn't Carrie make it clear that she didn't know she'd have to forfeit her shoes, and that if she had known, she would have compensated by wearing a big hat? While I have yet to have a host/hostess with a "no shoes" policy, if it ever happens, it would be nice to know in advance so that I could either 1) dress in such a way that not wearing shoes will not harm the integrity of the ensemble or 2) plan an alternative, such as slippers, special socks/stockings, or at least an updated pedicure, depending on the nature of the event.

I think the other problem Carrie said she had with not being able to wear her shoes is that not only did she feel it would ruin her outfit, but that it made her feel shorter. She could have gotten around the "outfit problem" had she gotten further warning about the "no shoes" rule, but what about the "feeling short" problem, which I've read in other forums that discussed the issue of shoelessness in the home? How do you suggest that a person get around that?

Celestial Fundie said...

Your visits are welcome.

Yes, the hostess should have let Carrie know in advance.

"but what about the "feeling short" problem, which I've read in other forums that discussed the issue of shoelessness in the home? How do you suggest that a person get around that?"

People who feel short without shoes just need to deal with it and be thankful they weren't born with dwarfism.

Strangely enough, Carrie is seen wearing a pair of flip flops later in the episode, so she can't be that bothered about her height.

There are lots of situations in life where you don't wear shoes- at airport security, doing Yoga, at a swimming bath, being weighed in a slimming group.

There are even more situations in life wear you can't wear high heeled shoes.

You wouldn't go to a gym and insist on wear stilletos because you were worried about looking short in your sneakers/ trainers (I don't know which side of the Atlantic you are on).

God Bless


Itinérante said...

I saw the movie Exodus during the Christmas vacation and I was very very surprised that Moses in the movie did not have to take his shoes off on the Holy Mountain! (not only that but he sort of got trapped in mud...)
I know it's not the same as removing the shoes in houses but I was sad that this was omitted.

Matthew Celestis said...

Really? That's God's first command in the book of Exodus!

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