Thursday, February 19, 2009



I believe there is an issue of stewardship here.

All that we have is a gift from God. We may enjoy our posessions, but we do need to give account to the Lord of how we have used them.

Carpet cleaning services are necessary to keep homes really clean, but they are very expensive. Replacing carpets costs even more. Having a shoes-off policy considerably reduces the need for maintaining carpets and other kinds of flooring. Therefore, as stewards of God's gifts, I would suggest that Christians ought to strongly consider the benefits of having a shoes-off policy in their homes.

Clean homes can also be more effectively used in the service of the Kingdom. Homes can be put to so many uses; entertaining visiting speakers, providing shelter for those who need it, hosting fellowship meetings (I think a good case can be made for holding all church meetings in homes) and Church lunches. Keeping homes shoe-free means that larger numbers of people can be accomdated at the home with minimal impact. It also makes the floor a safer place for small children and babies.


Ev said...

I am sitting barefoot at my desk right now, because I left my shoes at the front door the way I always do.

I love your call to stewardship in this area. You are absolutley right!

For a wedding present, I was given a Martha Stewart cleaning handbook. The thing is serious 6" thick! But something she strongly suggests in the flooring section is to have a "shoes off" poloicy. She says that it will extend the life and luster of your floors for years.

I am always a little uncomfortable asking people to remove their shoes. I am not sure why?

And I am really uncomfortable letting my 9 month old crawl around in homes where people have shoes on in the house!

Uhh...the woas of a shoeless homeaker.


Moderate Mouse said...

When I was living with my mom and stepdad (I'm livning with my dad now), the closest I had encountered to a shoes-off policy was when we were in the process of getting ready for a move and needed to have the carpets steam-cleaned. It was done that afternoon. Shoes had to be left off (at least whatever ones had been worn outside) that evening (I don't remember if I just remained in socks or settled for my house slippers that night, but I digress) and during the morning and possibly during the afternoon.

My mom and stepdad had been replacing some of the flooring in the first house they bought as a couple in the last few years. What my mom is considering is, in light of the work having been done on the floors, setting up the entry way so that shoes can be left at the door, but it supposedly hasn't been feasible yet.

Though I'm reluctant to not wear shoes during the day unless I'm doing something that, by its nature, calls for bare or stockinged feet, I do however, like to keep the peace between myself and others as much as possible. So, as a comprimise, I have some leopard-print (since my mom is into leopard print) slippers that look like soft flats (and blend better with the decorum of regular clothes than other styles of slippers I've seen) that I have on standby for whenever I visit them (I don't know when the shoes-off policy will take effect in their place), or for that matter, anyone else I may know who has a shoes-off policy.

Celestial Fundie said...

Ev, thanks for visiting.

Don't be afraid to ask people to remove their shoes. They won't be offended.