Monday, May 11, 2009

Delivering Leaflets

I have started delivering leaflets again for the Conservative party, like I used to do when I lived in Worcester. I like being able to look at peoples' houses.

One of the houses I dropped a leaflet at had their porch door open. There was a shoe rack and a pile of shoes and sandals inside. Always nice to see.


richyrich said...

Yes I agree that it's always good to see anybody following that rule.
Talking about politics, what do you make of all the current revealations about MP's expenses? I think it's to David Cameron's credit that he's come out so firm on the issue and insist that Conservative MP's pay back their most dubious claims.

Celestial Fundie said...

I think David Cameron has shown more decisive and effective leadership on this issue than anybody else.

It is shocking to see how long MPS have failed to realise the public mood over the issue.

I think the crisis has so affected public confidence that Lord Naesby was right to urge Brown to dissolve parliament.

I am not at all surprised at Brown's dithering over the issue for ages. That is quite in character.