Saturday, May 09, 2009

Designer Flip Flops

The other day I got a pair of Von Dutch flip flops. A bot pricier than most flip flops. I believe this is some trendy designer label.

If you wear designer flip flops, will anybody notice? People are more likely to notice your designer flip flops if you take them off and leave them at the door, both at your place and when visiting others.


Moderate Mouse said...

I hope that the flip-flops aren't "noticed" to the point of being stolen. I still remember seeing a clip of "Sex and the City" where Carrie leaves her expensive Manolos at the door (though reluctantly so) in compliance with a "no shoes in the house" policy only for them to turn up missing when she had gone to put them back on when she was about to leave. Though I do not advocate spending as much money as she did on any one pair of shoes (I'd prefer inexpensive flats from Wal-mart or Payless any day--at least those would be easier to replace--but that's just me), I can't help but sympathize with her on them turning up least her friend Kyra (the one hosting the party) loaned her a pair of shoes to wear on the way home (but not every guest will be lucky enough to have the same shoe size as their host/hostess, which I'm assuming that Carrie and Kyra did, for when/if "missing shoe emergencies" come up).

By the way, what do Von Dutch flip flops run for in the UK. Not that I'm planning on buying any anytime soon. (If I do wear flip-flops, it's usually at the beach or the pool or as make-do house slippers. And they're likely to be relatively inexpensive ones.)

Celestial Fundie said...

Did you watch that clip on this blog? I posted it a while ago.

The flip flops were £16.99. That's cheaper than Havianas, which are 19.99. You can get more expensive flip flops than that.