Thursday, May 28, 2009

Its the principle that counts

One of the nurses needed to put something on the notice board in the staff room. To do so, she had to stand on the sofa. She removed her crocs before doing so.

This is not a nice sofa. It is old and dirty. It is black, so dirt never shows. People put their shoes on it. Even I have stood on this sofa with my shoes on.

But this nurse still took her shoes off. She obviously knows that polite people do not put their shoes on sofas. Good for her.


richyrich said...

Yes I would totally agree that the nurse you saw provided an excellent example to everyone.

And at work today I overheard a part of a conversation that could have been related to this subject. I was only just outside the room in which the conversation was taking place so I was unable to hear exactly what was being said but I could hear 3 women talking about their houses and related things. Then I heard one of them say a couple of things about shoes (unfortunately I didn't hear what exactly)but another of them then did reply "Yes I also take off my shoes". As I didn't hear the full conversation that preceded that remark, I couldn't be sure that it was related to the habit that you're promoting on this blog, but the fact that so called "housey" subjects seemed to have been discussed a little earlier did make me suspect that. If any conversation that I have with any of these women in future moves to the direction of this subeject, I'll have to try and get some more information and find out if they do indeed subscribe to our practice.

Celestial Fundie said...

Well done. You go for it.