Friday, June 19, 2009

In the custody suite

I really am not a fan of Eastenders. I don't even own a television and had to ask Richyrich how much a tv licence costs.

The above picture shows the characters Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell who were arrested and loacked in a cell together in an episode of the soap a while back. As is normally the case in our police stations, their shoes are removed. One of them (I watched the clip on You Tube) threatened to sue if her shoes were damaged. Maybe she had seen that episode of Sex and the City where Carrie has to remove her shoes (Again, I watched that on You Tube not on television).

If one must remove shoes to protect a police cell from damage and dirt, how much more should you remove your shoes before entering your home?


Moderate Mouse said...

I can understand security reasons that might be associated with the confiscation of shoes when one is arrested, but as far as having cleanliness being a reason for confiscation is concerned, I'm afraid the police are screwed if the suspect is already barefoot upon arrest. (I don't know if that has ever been the case in the UK, but not only have I seen shoes get confiscated on "Inside American Jail," but I've seen at least one episode where one of the featured suspects was presumably already barefoot upon arrest, and um, it's not like his feet could be confiscated anymore than one could leave their feet at the door (though maybe they could hose them down or something) if one had accidentally walked outside barefoot (which I assume would defeat the purpose of a shoes off in the house policy in the first place).

Celestial Fundie said...

You occasionally see people walking on the streets barefoot in this country, but it is not at all common.

There are a few reasons why shoes are confiscated.

1. Most obviously to prevent suicide with laces (and presumably sandal straps if the detainee was determined enough). This does not seem to have been the case with these ladies, who don't appear to have been wearing lace-ups.

2. To prevent their use as a weapon.

3. To prevent the cell and its features (such as the CCTV) being damaged or marked by kicking.

4. I am sure that with the legal duty to keep cells clean, I am sure the cops would rather the prisoners did not go in the cell with dirty shoes.

Anonymous said...

That's not why Cops take your shoes off.

If arrested, and placed in a cell, subjects are searched. Shoes are a common storage area of drugs.

Also, shoes, have laces, which can be used to hang thy self. It's a liability concern such are belts.

Anything of danger needs to come off.

It's not about being clean, it's about liability.

Celestial Fundie said...

Anonymous, thanks for dropping by.

I know that keeping the cell clean is not the main reason for removing shoes.

However, I do know that at least some police stations in the UK, preventing cell walls being marked is a reason for at least leaving shoes outside the cell.

If the walls of a cell are covered in black marks and scratches, the police station will get a poor inspection report.

God Bless