Friday, June 26, 2009

Tribute to Triel Baenre

Triel Baenre is a character in the Forgotten Realms fantasy franchise. She first appeared in novels written by RA Salvatore.

Triel is a Drow, one of the race of evil black skinned elves who dwell underground and who worship the spider goddess Loth. Triel was the daughter of Matron Baenre, head of the ruling Drow house and on her death, became the head of House Baenre. She is evil and cunning, has a bad habit of sleeping with demons (producing some monstrous offspring), but is embarassingly short in stature.

Triel is my favorite character in fantasy literature for the simple reason that she has a shoes-off policy!

In the novel, Siege of Darkness (I think it is that one, it is a few years since I last read that trilogy), she holds a meeting with a Drow mercenary, Jarlaxle, in her private chambers. To protect the plush carpet, she removes her shoes and tells Jarlaxle to remove his boots. He declines, but she warns him that if he makes a hole in the carpet, she will fill it with his head. That is the right attitude!


Anonymous said...

I am afraid such characters are developed by tramplians and undermine the image of offalists among those who are still dubious

Celestial Fundie said...

Maybe. But that is largely because science fiction and fantasy seems to be written by tramplians. You hardly ever see characters in science fiction movies and t.v. shows removing their shoes.

At least R.A. Salvatore has given one character who is an offalist, even if she is evil.

Anonymous said...

Triel was going to use his heart to fill the hole if he made one.

Matthew Celestis said...

I'm sure it was his head, rather than his heart, but I haven't got my copy any more, so I can't check. I'm glad you remember that scene