Friday, June 19, 2009

The Tuscany Files: Please remove your shoes

The Tuscany Files: Please remove your shoes

You often see blog posts talking about how removing shoes is not very common in America, in contrast to places like Canada and Scandinavia. Well, this blog post makes completely the opposite contrast, portraying shoe removal as common place in America, as opposed to unheard of in Italy.

I would love to go on holiday to Italy (so much beautiful art and architecture), but I regard southern Europe, apart from the Balkan peninsula, as living in the dark ages on account of the domminance of shoes-stay-on culture. I have heard of Italians who remove their shoes, but I understand, as with Spain and South America, removing shoes is practically unacceptable.

I would be very reluctant to live in southern Europe (except the Balkan peninsula) on account of this.

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